♣ Gambling house "Lermontov"

PITWEL is developing the "Lermontov" gambling house project in the "Sibirskaya Moneta" gaming zone in the Altai region. The building will cover almost 5,000 square meters on a 4-hectare site and will include a casino with 26 gaming tables and 100 slot machines.

The gaming zone will feature a main pit, an expensive pit, 3 VIP gaming halls, and a sport poker hall called the "IQ Club." The entertainment area will include a meeting room, a stage, a restaurant, a bar, and a seating area. The hotel complex will offer 50 rooms, including superior rooms and a presidential suite. The restaurant complex will feature a full-cycle production facility, a main banquet hall for 300-350 people with a stage for concerts, 2 premium halls for 25-30 people, and a bar with a stand.

The spa complex will include a beauty salon, a sauna, a hammam, and a swimming pool. There will also be recreational spaces available. The "Lermontov" gambling house will have a heliport, 2 service parkings, guest parking, and storage for hotel staff and warehouse items. A mini garden will also be provided for guests to enjoy.

Casino “Podmoskovie” ♣

A premium-class entertainment complex was successfully implemented in the Moscow vicinity, which included a casino with a VIP hall and a club for intellectual games, as well as restaurants serving European and Asian cuisine and a night club with a private hall.

Before the launch of the casino "Podmoskovie," a croupier school was conducted and staff from other closed gaming establishments were reassessed. Longtime experts were carefully selected for the pit. The management team implemented a carefully calibrated strategy to quickly attract the desired clientele, demanding strict compliance with service standards.

The casino features a bohemian atmosphere reminiscent of Victorian-era gambling houses in England, and large draws and lotteries were held, with the participation of local and international celebrities. "Podmoskovie" is a prime example of a brand with a high level of reputation and trust in the market.

♣ Casino “Château Koktebel”

The private gambling club 'Château Koktebel' was designed with the goal of creating an external appearance and landscape design that would transport future visitors to a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a French estate.

All forms and lines have been carefully adjusted to ensure that the design does not deviate from classical canons, while the use of light-transmitting structures creates a sense of modernity and forward movement. 'Château Koktebel' is a prime example of style and elegance that is sure to attract attention.

Inside, guests will find several rooms with tables for roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat, as well as a whole floor dedicated to quiet, hidden game areas, and a high-quality hotel.

This castle of excitement is sure to leave nobody indifferent.