Video Observation ♠

At the heart of any successful casino is a robust gaming security system. That's why we are committed to developing a system that ensures tight control over the game, neutralizes the actions of cheaters, eliminates croupier errors, minimizes the chance of large overpayments, and ultimately saves and increases your income.

To achieve this high level of security, we employ specially selected and trained personnel with the skills of professional psychologists and the ability to quickly calculate and control complex techniques.

However, people are only one component of success. The other component is the equipment. While the cost of a video observation room can be expensive, quality is determined not by price but by the system and an honest approach to equipment selection. We can help you create the right security concept with all necessary and sufficient parameters, while avoiding unnecessary details.

Technology ♠

The latest control systems enable you to quickly and accurately control everything that happens in the gaming room. The light and smart electronic shell, with an intuitive interface, will save your business from piles of paper documents, minimize significant financial risks, and optimize costs.

The heart of any gaming house is the master server, which links all participants of the gaming process into a single mechanism, from the front desk administrator who registers the player's card to the General Manager responsible for global daily financial flows.

The hotel, bar, and restaurant must also keep pace with the times. Electronic equipment can provide full automation and control of all processes, from monitoring room heating costs to replenishing fish stocks in refrigerators. PITWEL specialists will select the gaming complex management system that best suits your smart project like no other.

Gaming Equipment ♠

Perhaps the hall of any classic casino, from the poets of the golden age to the present day, is something inviolable, frozen in time, and constant in its design and content. Expensive woolen fabrics, polished copper, sparkling wine glasses in hand, and the hazy twilight atmosphere all create an attractive image of the world of excitement.

When it comes to equipment, it's important to clearly understand the goals and tasks for which it's purchased. For example, plastic cards might be preferred over paper ones, which are better suited for blackjack but out of place on the poker tables in your casino. An up-to-date poker table might not fit in with the rest of the pit, but the right lighting can make an ordinary-looking pedestal shine brightly.

To ensure you make the best equipment selection, trust Pitwel consultants. We can create a 3D map of table placements on the pit, minimize costs without compromising quality, and organize logistics. Don't hesitate to collaborate with Pitwel now - trust only professionals.

Restaurant from А to Z ♠

It is important to note that in addition to the aesthetic and functional aspects of the restaurant, the quality and variety of the food and drinks offered are also crucial for the success of the establishment. Pitwel consultants will assist in selecting the best suppliers, creating a diverse and delicious menu, and training the restaurant staff to provide top-notch service.

Furthermore, Pitwel can assist in developing a marketing strategy for the restaurant, creating promotional materials, and organizing events and special offers to attract customers.

Remember, a high-quality restaurant can not only enhance the overall experience of your casino guests but also become a source of additional revenue for your business. Let Pitwel help you create a restaurant that will impress and satisfy even the most discerning diners.

Head-cook and Kitchen ♠

It is important to note that the quality of service in the restaurant can greatly affect the overall experience of the customers in the casino. A well-trained and attentive staff can enhance the dining experience and leave a positive impression on the guests.

At Pitwel, we understand the importance of finding the right people for the job. We will help you select the staff that will reflect the high standards of your establishment. Our team will provide comprehensive training to ensure that all staff members are knowledgeable about the menu, wine list, and proper serving techniques.

Additionally, we will work with the head-cook to create a menu that appeals to a wide range of tastes and preferences. We will source only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that every dish is flavorful and satisfying.
In summary, with our help, your casino restaurant will become a destination in its own right, attracting both gamblers and foodies alike.

Hotel without problems ♠

A modern hotel is an essential and necessary part of an entertainment complex. After playing, whether successful or not, casino guests need rest, particularly those who have traveled from other regions to visit the reserved gaming area. Hundreds of people will come, including those who are alone, with family, friends, and colleagues.

But where do you begin when building a hotel? The answer is with the Pitwel Company. With our help, you'll gain access to the most advanced world experience in the hotel business. We'll attract leading specialists to help develop the hotel concept, prepare design and estimate documentation, and control all stages of construction, equipment, decoration, staff selection, up to the moment of opening.
Our specialists will regulate the work of all departments, finding the right solutions to ensure the comfort, tranquility, security, and privacy of the guests.

Consider what you would like to see in the hotel lobby, rooms, swimming pool, spa, fitness center, bar, conference room, kid's club, or shopping arcade. Are you providing everything your guests want? Do you want to become a guest of that hotel? Pitwel can make you the owner of it.

Night club? Easily! ♠

Guests of your casino will want to take a break from gambling and engage in other activities such as having fun, enjoying music, and dancing. That's why your casino should be at the center of a large entertainment complex that includes a modern, well-equipped nightclub and concert hall.

The nightclub, where the bar is the main source of income, must meet three main criteria: a dignified atmosphere, good lighting and sound, and proper music. When you contact Pitwel, we will ensure that these important criteria are met, along with other seemingly minor details such as sound insulation and ventilation. In addition to construction, equipping, and decorating, Pitwel will also help you form a team.
We will find for you people for whom music is a way of life.

The concert hall will bring in profits for you from performances by the brightest Russian and foreign stars. And they will be happy to come, as many of them enjoy the excitement of gambling. They will come, of course, only if the concert hall has really good acoustics, comfortable backstage dressing rooms, and tickets that are sold out in advance.