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If the terms and conditions of the gaming house satisfy you completely, we will immediately start planning your trip. We promise not to miss any tiny detail.


If you have any specific desires (for example an interpreter or an assistant will be needed or maybe you eat kosher) just tell us about them.


Usually the amount of the deposit affects the class of your flight, cars and accommodation. Three meals per day and a bar are guaranteed.


Straight as you land and right until you depart you will be accompanied by a representative of the receiving party.


If you need personal security guards just tell our representatives. We really want you to feel safe!

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Feel free to ask us any questions. The more we know about your preferences the better you will spend your trip. But anyway, we will do our best.


Pitwel guarantees you a luxurious stay by cooperating with the best facilities. We personally check the game standards, level of services and etc.

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